Home Improvements; Master Bedroom Suite ~ Add On or Bust Through?

Home Improvements on Creating a Master Bedroom Suite ~ Add On or Bust Through?

Creating a Wonderful Master Bedroom Suite…..

Creating a Master Bedroom Suite!

Going from “master bedroom” to “Master Bedroom Suite” has become one of the most popular home remodeling projects in recent years.

Here’s what to do, and what NOT to do, when taking on this booming bedroom project.

Most newer homes are built with master suites.Older homes require extra space for expanding and remodeling a master bedroom. If you have an older home and considering giving up an adjacent bedroom to find the space,  Remember that more bedrooms mean Higher Value of your home and think carefully before reducing the total number of bedrooms in your home.  “If you have a three-bedroom home and merge two of those rooms to create your master suite, you may severely limit the marketability and general appeal of the home,” says appraisal expert Dr. Donald Moliver, director of the Kislak Real Estate Institute at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. So, the What not to do is to not loose a bedroom to make your Mast Bedroom Suite bigger!

An addition has it’s reward by giving you more Suare footage, but also costs more and takes more time.

You can expand your Castle or make better use of the space you already have to create your Master Bedroom Suite!

Your Master Bedroom Suite will consist of a Sparkling Bathroom, Great Closet space and Wonderful sleeping Space!

This Kind of Home Improvement adds Value to you and to your home!

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Some ideas by Home improvement evangelist Tom Kraeutler     from the Money Pit


Over used Real Estate Home Descriptions

Overused Words in Real Estate Descriptions of Homes for sale are the real estate industry’s own overuse house descriptive jargon. That is, the lingo we hear all day every day that the general public either doesn’t understand or hates to hear. So, without further ado, here’s our list. If you have your own, find us at BobsHomes.net on Facebook and comment on this post!

Priced to Sell

Only suitable when “priced to not sit stagnant on the market for six months” is too long to put in a classified.

Next to New

Okay, so it’s not new. Got it.

This House Has Great Potential!

So did the Titanic. (See also: Hidden gem)

Open Floor Plan

Never understood including this one. Is there such thing as a closed floor plan?


All listed in the thesaurus next to the word “small”

Original owner

Be careful with this one. If the house is of a certain age, it’s going to conjure up images of awful wallpapers and pink-tiled bathrooms from the ’60s.

Chef’s dream!

Yea sure…. okay. Tell me about the oven setup or the new appliances. I can only imagine what Anthony Bourdain dreams about and it’s not helping me visualize this house.


Know your market. To the 1 percent luxury means “comfort.” To the rest of us it means “expensive” or “pretentious.” Or both.


Unless you’re selling a cabin by the lake, this isn’t going to help. Your listing includes a Google Maps link. They’re gonna know.

This home has it all!

Does it have a basketball court? Does it have a sno-cone stand? Does it have it’s own Rain Forest? No? Then it doesn’t have it all.

How about a great Home with the possibility it could be yours?

OR….. Breath Taking View!



Breath Taking View!

Some Great Warm Winter Home Tips!

Winter Warm Tips! Is your Home not as Warm in these Winter months? Well….The space under a door is kind of necessary if you want to open it, but it’s a fairly obvious way for heat to escape one room and float into unheated areas where it isn’t necessary. Dodge the draft (under your door)

Draft dodgers are the slightly pun-ish name for cloth or insulation stoppers that fit the space under a door, but still allow the door to open with relative ease. The Cool Tools blog points to a neat “Twin Draft Stopper” that runs about $10, is easily adjustable for most any door, and is machine-washable, to boot.







Lock down your windows…

In every home, there’s a trade-off between visibility and insulation happening around each window. If you’re stuck in an apartment with windows older than your parents, we’ll suggest a few options, depending on what you’re hoping for in looks and permanence.

The quickest, cheapest, yet still effective solution for windows you don’t need to look beautiful is a bubblewrap application, as detailed by Build It Solar. You’ll only need water and some tape to affix the fun-to-pop stuff to a window, it still lets light through, and it’s surprisingly good at putting hundreds of little pockets of air between your warm room and the cold window surface.




Some Great WARM Winter Home Tips from www.BobsHomes.net

What simple Winter Warm Tips did we miss? We skipped the skeptical stuff, like shrink-sealing window plastic, the mostly impractical stuff anyone?), and the obvious stuff (“Don’t leave your door open!”), but we’re open to more suggestions in the comments.

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