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Ridgewood Village New Jersey:
Both urban and sophisticated!

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A Bit About Ridgewood ...

With elegant architecture and high-end restaurants all within walking distance, Ridgewood is both urban and sophisticated. Ridgewood has the greatest culinary treasures in the state featuring a broad variety of cuisines! Featuring a vibrant downtown with cozy shops, great bars and restaurants, you’ll find young parents pushing strollers sharing the broad sidewalks with friends schmoozing at an outdoor café. Teens hunting for bargains, while grandparents treat their grand kids to a matinee at the small town theater or a fresh-made waffle cone at the corner store…

I love how walkable it is, and that everything is in one small area. Great schools, gorgeous architecture, museums, exhibits and parks … Ridgewood is the place to be!

Did I happen to mention that Ridgewood is one of the top 10 wealthiest cities in New Jersey and also the former hometown of baseball star Mickey Mantle and many other Bronx bombers. Other talented artists that hail from Ridgewood include Hip-hop star MC Paul Barman and indie rock band Real Estate.

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Located in Bergen County only about 20 miles from midtown Manhattan, Ridgewood and has quick access to NYC by rail and/or bus.

Learn more about Ridgewood from Things to do in Ridgewood NJ Facebook page.


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