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Winter is here in New Jersey; a month late… snow, bad roads, and a new Governor….So what does that have to do with Housing, Real Estate and the Spring Market?

The Real Estate forecast seems to teeter totter on events going on in the local news, weather, politics and of course national and world events.

The reason why just may be that consumer confidence is still shaky.

We all seem to need to point our fingers at something to blame for circumstance.

Well the simple truth is; We all still need a place to live.

Home ownership is still an ideal of the American Dream.

So as the economy slowly improves and interest rates stay stable

I see the Housing Market in New Jersey Improving.

Seems like from Morris County and East all the way to NYC will have the best uptick in sales and activity.

Time to move? Curious about what it takes to get a mortgage?

Wondering what your current home is worth ?

I also believe that Prices will improve and certainly stay strong all year.

Maybe it is time to relocate and find that right Realtor.

There are plenty of realtors out there ranging from no experience to competent experience.

I think it is a combination of both Experience, but they must have passion for their jobs and not do it for just making the dollar.

I am proud to say I serve my client and do my job as a service not just because

of a paycheck.

I am always just a call or email away.

I take the no pressure approach and ultimately help you make the best choice for YOU>

Please reach out via email BobIdakaar@att.net

or contact me through BobsHomes.net

Wishing you a healthy and wonderful blessed 2018!

4 Decorating TIP TOP TIPS

Bob Idakaar Realtor’s Perspective~

Here are my 4 tip top tips for decorating a room:

  1. Choose your flooring first!
  2. Choose your paint last! (Yes, this is one of the common mistakes and comes as a surprise to many)
  3. Define your style and “goal” or mood for the room. What is the feeling you want to evoke?
  4. Find a focal point (or an anchor)

In my opinion, things usually work out best when you plan ahead and design the whole room. It’s ideal if you plan the whole room before you start working on it with out a plan!

1. Start with the floors

From the Bottom up… the floors are the foundation, and they set the tone for the entire room.

In general, I think it’s best to have the same type (and color) on all of the floors, at least all main rooms on the main floor (bathrooms/powder rooms are different). When you have the same flooring in all areas, it makes your space look larger and more cohesive. It also makes your space look cleaner and less cluttered.

The flooring is the base, and everything is built on top of it…literally and figuratively. And, if you choose your floors well, they will be there for years to come and should outlast any paint and decor changes you make to the room throughout your time in your home.

2. Pick the paint color last!

Everything goes smoother if you pick the paint color LAST.

If you choose the paint color first, it will make every other decision TOUGHER. It will be harder to find the find the right floor color, carpet/area rug, window treatments, pillows, bedding and other accessories.

Color can be placed in an area rug, window treatments, pillows, furniture,  wall paintings and accessories. And, of course, you also have the option of an accent color wall.

3. What’s your style?

What do you want the style and the mood of the room to be? Do you want a more modern look, or traditional or perhaps a cozy farmhouse style? There is no right or wrong answer…it’s whatever you like.

4. Make a focal point

Choose piece that you want to be the focal point for the room. It sets the tone and your style. This may differ by room. It could be a painting (or picture), or an area rug, or some pillows, or a coffee table or special item for your coffee table. This piece is your inspiration and it is your “must have” item. Make sure everything in the room goes with this piece and complements it.


Democrats VS Republicans in Home Improvements!

Whether someone happens to be Delirious Over The Donald, Cruisin’ for Cruz, Hands Up for Hillary, or Feeling the Bern, it speaks volumes about their political leanings, their aspirations, even their very personalities. But here’s a surprise: It may also indicate how much they’re willing to shell out on the upkeep of their homes.

So let’s check out the ballot box!

The early results: Democrats are generally willing to shell out more on home maintenance, repair, and improvement projects, according to HomeAdvisor’s 2016 True Cost Report. Left-leaning property owners are also more likely to hire professionals to come in and do the work for them.

Meanwhile, GOP die-hards tend to embrace a more do-it-yourself ethos and complete the work themselves.

HomeAdvisor, which connects consumers and contractors online, surveyed more than 1,650 homeowners in February. Respondents were 25 or older and had completed maintenance or improvement projects over the past year.

The survey found Democrats typically spent about six months researching their home improvement projects before laying out up to an average $3,417. Republicans spent about three months looking into the changes they hoped to make on their homes and tapped out at an average of $2,194.

One theory on why Democrats are throwing down more moolah on their own white (and gray, and beige and blue) houses is that they’re more likely to live in urban centers, where homes tend to be older, says Clayton Nall, a political science professor at Stanford University.
“Democrats are living in houses that [may] require more maintenance,” he says.

But home improvements weren’t just split along party lines. The survey also looked into trends among generational groups.

Members of Generation X are making the fewest home improvements and spending the least amount of money on the ones they make, at just $3,723, according to the report.

Baby boomers spent the most at $7,842, followed by millennials at $6,063.


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